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Net-Print Go-Live January 10

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This is a reminder that the new, enhanced Net-Print launched on Tuesday, January 10. All users of Net-Print from personal laptops will need to reinstall the software and queues before they can print. Links to the software and installation instructions are posted at

In addition to installing new software and printer queues, there will be a new process for printing at the Cornell University Libraries, CIT computer labs, and several departmental offices. New ID card readers are being added to the printers in those locations. For these printers, users will only need to install two queues: campus-color or campus-bw. Then, when they send a print job to one of these queues, they will head to an available color or bw printer, hover their ID card over the ID card reader, and that will release the job to that printer. Jobs will stay in the queue for two hours before being automatically deleted.

All Net-Print users were notified of the change via email between December 15-20, and will get another notification after go-live. IT staff in academic units are encouraged to share this information with faculty and students in their units via their internal communication channels.

Read the December 14 IT News article about the change.

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