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More No-Cost Data for Students on Cornell Networks

Cornell students now have no-cost access to even more data when using Cornell networks. The amount of data they are allocated at no cost has been raised to 200 GB, up from 150 GB.* This increase builds upon a similar expansion last year.

Most students will never exceed their no-cost monthly allocation. For those who do, total fees they're charged per additional gigabyte are capped at $50 per month. Any month a student nears 200 GB, they receive an email letting them know they are getting close to incurring charges, and telling them how to check and moderate their data use if they want to avoid them. 

Network Usage-Based Billing (NUBB) is an online application that tracks Internet use for everyone connected to the Cornell network. Students can learn how to reduce their network usage through simple strategies like:

More information on NUBB
IT services for Cornell students

* In February 2019, the no-cost data allocation was raised to 250 GB.

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