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Migrating SharePoint from On Premises to Online

CIT's SharePoint team has been busy migrating campus SharePoint sites from on-premises installations to Cornell's SharePoint Online environment in Office 365. This change is saving units money that would otherwise be used to maintain on-premises licenses, and maintenance that is required for local installations but happens automatically in the cloud.

Since May, Cornell Police, Alumni Affairs Reunion Planning, and Workday have moved to SharePoint Online, as has content for Computer & Network Support and My Sites. Next up are Financial Services (UFSC) and the Vet School Animal Hospital Diagnostic Center.

The SharePoint team has been supporting these migrations by providing guidance to help site owners prepare, with identifying content that will not transfer automatically, and finding other ways to move it, and testing.

If you are interested in moving on premises SharePoint content to SharePoint Online, or would like to investigate how SharePoint could support your work processes, contact the IT Service Desk and ask that your request be placed in the SharePoint queue.

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