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Microsoft Teams for Cornell

On August 3, 2020, the Cornell community will be able to connect the Microsoft Teams client, which provides the functionality of Skype for Business, to Cornell Office 365.

To support teaching activities, the Center for Teaching Innovation has had access to all components of Teams since July 6. This access is allowing them to ready resources and guidance for faculty, who will gain access to all Teams features on August 3. For other support preparation, CIT also began using the client on July 6, and will gain access to remaining features on August 10. A few units will soon be engaged in testing to help inform wider introduction.

Teams introduction will conclude on September 7 with delivery of remaining features to groups that don't already have them.

The staging of the rollout prioritizes instruction and support for it. The timing is intended to spread demand on resources and make sure they are available where most needed.

Microsoft provides general information about Teams features. (Not all features will be available to Cornell this summer.)

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