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Media3 Web Hosting Project Update

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As previously announced, as part of Cornell’s ongoing process of moving campus IT services to the cloud to increase efficiency and improve service, the current Managed Web Hosting (Cornell Hosting Stack), Static Web Hosting, and Academic Web Hosting services are in the process of being replaced by similar offerings from a partnered vendor, Media3.

Early Adopters have been working with Media3 to move their VMs and content into the new hosting environment. More than a dozen VMs spanning over 150 sites have been moved so far, and more are being migrated each week. Lessons learned in the process are being factored in to support future moves.

In order to ensure the best experience possible and allow sufficient time for planning and execution, on a timeline that works within the customers' business cycles, some Early Adopter migrations were rescheduled through the mid-winter break. The previously suggested "freeze" for creating new VMs in the old hosting service is now being targeted for a date in March, after which all new VM requests will be made with Media3. The timeframe for Academic Web Hosting site migration may differ from that of the centrally hosted sites.

Note: At present, a timeline has not yet been set for Static Web Hosting migrations. Plans for the static sites are under review, and an update will be provided as soon as an estimate for migration timing is available.

Documentation has been posted to support the transition to Media3 and use of the service. It can be found at the Media3 Managed Web Hosting page on the IT@Cornell website.

Answers to frequently asked questions may also be found on the site.

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