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March 29: Two-Step Login required for Workday

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Starting March 29, Two-Step Login will be required to access any part of Workday. Previously, only a few features within Workday required Two-Step Login. This change is necessary to provide even greater security for employee and university data.

Most affected by the Workday change will be student employees, academic staff, and faculty.(Nonacademic staff are already mandated to use Two-Step Login with services that use CUWebLogin.) In particular, individuals who use Workday to record hours worked or to approve timecards will need to be prepared to use Two-Step Login routinely.

The Workday and Human Resources websites will have banners alerting visitors to the change, and general announcements will be made through the Career/Life newsletter, IT News, and other venues.

Individual communications will be sent starting March 20 through April 9 to employees who have never used Two-Step Login, and employees who have used Two-Step Login but aren't mandated to always use it with CUWebLogin. All communications will advise people who need help or have questions to contact the IT Service Desk or the IT support staff in their college or unit.

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