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Longview Budget Management Software Upgraded

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This week, the university’s Longview budget management and planning software was successfully upgraded from version 7.3 to the latest version, Longview 2017. This system is used by university budget and finance staff with oversight responsibilities to develop, track, and manage operating and capital budgets.

Following the upgrade, users can look for these improvements:

  • The Longview portal will have a new look that features tabbed application windows. Longview applications running in the improved portal will function the same as in the previous version.
  • Longview operating and capital planning applications will now run automatically as 64-bit applications in 64-bit Windows 7 or Windows 10 environments.

Users of Longview for Excel will need to upgrade to the latest version of that extension and should contact their technical support providers for details.

Longview users can expect to receive additional information about the new portal during their regularly scheduled IT training sessions.

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