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Latest Zoom Security Updates: New Password Requirements, Zoom 5.0, and New User Support Process

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Zoom's ongoing response to users' security and privacy needs will result in important new updates and policy changes to the application over the coming weeks. Because some of these changes may require action on your part, please take a look at each upcoming change carefully.

Update Your Zoom Application to Version 5.0 or Higher

Change: Zoom is rolling out an improved encryption standard to better protect your meetings and webinars. Versions of Zoom earlier than 5.0 will not be compatible with the new encryption, so users running the earlier version will be unable to connect to Cornell Zoom meetings after May 30.

What You Need to Do: All users should update Zoom applications to version 5.0 or higher at their earliest convenience. For more about this change and how to update your Zoom client, see Zoom Continues to Improve Security Features in Version 5.0.

Zoom to Require Passwords for All Meetings and Webinars

Change: Starting May 24, all Zoom meetings and webinars will be required to have passwords. This requirement includes events you may have already scheduled. On May 30, 2020, Zoom will add passwords to any scheduled events that do not have them.

What You Need to Do: Review and update your scheduled meetings and webinars if necessary. 

  • For recurring or scheduled events that do not have a password and will take place after May 30, 2020, you need to add a password. For tips on how to do this, visit the Zoom documentation for Editing a password for a meeting, Editing a password for a webinar, or Editing the password for your Personal Meeting ID (PMI). After you add a password to a scheduled event, communicate the password to your invited participants by sending an updated Outlook appointment or using another secure method.
  • Use the Canvas Zoom interface to update sessions linked to courses. Edits made to meetings using the Zoom application or Outlook will not update the link in Canvas to include the new password.

Zoom Is Temporarily Limiting Direct User Support Requests

Change: From now until the end of June, Zoom will limit direct support requests to account administrators only. Individual users will be unable to access Zoom support.

What You Need to Do: All Cornell users who need Zoom support should contact the IT Service Desk, not Zoom directly, through the end of June.

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