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LastPass Pilot Launches September 14

Cornell Information Technologies will soon be offering LastPass to all active staff, students, and faculty. A pilot launch will start September 14, with about sixty employees and students taking part.

LastPass is a password management service that can store all of a user’s passwords in a secure vault, which the user protects with one master passphrase. It is a browser extension/mobile app that works across operating systems and device types. LastPass can also autofill forms, store private notes, and keep other information secure.

One of the biggest benefits of LastPass is that users only have to remember one passphrase, thereby enabling them to create complex, strong passwords/passphrases for all of the websites where they save login credentials.

CIT’s Security Office is offering the free service to the Cornell community for the following reasons:

  1. LastPass helps prevent user vulnerability to phishing attacks, thereby protecting personal and Cornell data.
  2. LastPass enables users to select and save complex, unique passwords for each site, increasing security.
  3. LastPass securely encrypts your data so only you have access to it—neither LastPass nor Cornell can see your passwords.  

All active Cornell students, staff, and faculty can activate an enterprise LastPass account in October. This account is free, voluntary, and users will be able to keep it when they leave the university. More information will be announced soon.

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