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LastPass Families Now Available to Cornell Users

LastPass now allows Cornell users to sign up for LastPass Families as a Benefit for free. LastPass Families provides Cornell LastPass users and up to five other family members with a convenient, easy-to-use password manager. Get started and secure your family today.

With LastPass Families, Cornell LastPass Users Can:

  • Invite up to five additional family members or friends to join their LastPass Families account, granting each person their own unique LastPass account where they can store personal passwords and specify those meant for sharing with others while keeping the rest private.
  • Store and protect their family’s passwords across all devices.
  • Share passwords with one-to-one or one-to-many sharing capabilities with unlimited shared folders.
  • Increase password hygiene by using the Security Dashboard to clearly see which passwords need updating based on password score.
  • Receive immediate alerts if their family’s data is compromised with 24/7 dark web monitoring.
  • Create a digital contingency plan for their family’s most important digital assets.

Learn How to Use LastPass Families

LastPass Family

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