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LastPass Discontinues Support for Microsoft Edge Legacy Browser Extension

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Starting Monday, January 31, 2022, LastPass will no longer support the Microsoft Edge Legacy browser extension for LastPass. This action follows an announcement from Microsoft that the Edge Legacy desktop application will no longer be supported or receive security updates.

If you do not use Microsoft Edge Legacy version or the LastPass browser extension for Edge Legacy, you can disregard this notice. If you are unsure if you are using Edge Legacy, review the section "About Microsoft Edge Legacy" below.

What Happens After LastPass Stops Supporting the Edge Legacy Browser

If you still use Microsoft Edge Legacy and have installed the LastPass browser extension for it, you still be able to log in to your LastPass online web Vault (by logging in to the LastPass website with your Cornell credentials), but you will no longer be able to use the LastPass web browser extension for Microsoft Edge Legacy. 

No LastPass data vault will be lost or deleted when this change takes place. You can continue to access LastPass using other, supported web browser extensions, mobile apps, or desktop applications.

About Microsoft Edge Legacy

The Microsoft Edge Legacy browser is the original version of Microsoft Edge. For most users, this Legacy browser has been replaced by the newer, more secure Microsoft Edge browser, which is based on Chromium technology.

The quickest way to tell if you have the Edge Legacy browser is to take a look at the application’s icon in your Windows 10 Start menu or Taskbar. The Legacy Edge icon is a stylized blue “e” with a spiral cut in the left edge. The current version of Edge is a curl with shading from blue to green. For more information, visit the Microsoft Edge Legacy help and learning or What is Microsoft Edge Legacy pages.

If you are still using Microsoft Edge Legacy, consider updating it to a current version of Edge.

  • If you would like to upgrade Microsoft Edge to a current, more secure version, review the Microsoft Edge website.
  • If you are using a Cornell-managed device and need assistance upgrading your version of Microsoft Edge to a secure version, reach out to your local IT support for assistance updating Edge.

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