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Keynote by Interim CIO Dave Lifka at IT@Cornell Conference

At the IT@Cornell Flexible IT Conference on December 9, 2015 Interim CIO & VP Dave Lifka talked about his goals and covered important IT@Cornell initiatives started under Ted Dodds and what IT@Cornell can expect as we look forward. 

A highlight of Lifka’s talk was around the growing role of cloud computing for both administration and research. He talked about different models IT staff can use while adapting to the cloud environment, as well as associated benefits and challenges of working within the cloud.

“All of this is evolutionary, not revolutionary,” Lifka said during the talk. “Cloud is not a punishment, it is a proposition.” Lifka then talked about how cloud options can affect your career and emphasized that it doesn’t mean your job is changing, just the tools and techniques. “This is an opportunity for career growth, get on board.”

Lifka continued talking about IT Careers and shifted focus to leadership and technical training. “What are the skills you need to expand your career?” Lifka asked the audience. “Find those opportunities.” Lifka talked about how we need to lead from the trenches, not just in managerial roles.

The conference continued with over 10 sessions that covered topics on how to respond to stress with flexibility; the CALS/CIT collaboration on cloudification; the new Managed Firewall service; as well as vendor management, a new mentoring program, and how to move applications to the cloud.

If you would like to watch the full keynote address by Interim CIO Dave Lifka watch at Video on Demand IT@Cornell Conference Fall Flexible IT 2015.

The IT@Cornell Community Conferences takes place twice a year and explores new IT topics and offers employees across Cornell’s campus an opportunity to interact and learn from each other. If you are interested in helping to plan the next IT@Cornell Community Conference or have a suggestion for a lecture please email Cindy Wagner

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