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Kaltura Personal Capture Fully Replacing CaptureSpace in Cornell Video On Demand

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For the Cornell Video on Demand Service, Kaltura's Personal Capture personal video and rich media creation tool is fully replacing its older CaptureSpace application. Kaltura Personal Capture offers a simpler, more intuitive workflow and cohesive design. It also has automatic slide detection and is deeply integrated into other Kaltura services.

CaptureSpace has not been widely used at Cornell, so most Cornell Video On Demand users are not affected by this change. After June 2019, Kaltura will no longer support CaptureSpace.

Since both tools upload videos to the same place, everything created and uploaded from CaptureSpace is already where it needs to be. No file migration is necessary, and all files created with CaptureSpace are in standard formats that will continue to be easily read by current Kaltura systems.

More information about Kaltura Personal Capture.

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