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IT@Cornell Symposium on Cybersecurity Registration Open

Join us on Tuesday, December 10, 2019 in G10 Biotech for our IT@Cornell Symposium on Cybersecurity. One of our keynotes will be The Cyber Threat Landscape presented by  Eric Lurie, Supervisor of the FBI Albany Cyber Task Force. This talk will look at current cyber threats, the actors behind those threats, and related case studies. Additionally, we will have a keynote on Princeton University's Cybersecurity Journey, presented by David Sherry, Princeton University, CISO and Tara Schaufler, Information Security Awareness and Training Program Manager.

Don't miss our Ask a CISO Moderated Panel. You can submit a question that will be asked at the event when you register. Our panelists will include:

  • Bobby Edamala, Cornell University, CISO
  • Mark Herron, University at Buffalo, CISO
  • David Sherry, Princeton University, CISO
  • Jason Youngers, Ithaca College, CISO

We will have two afternoon tracks.

Track One consists of Examination of Exposed AWS Access Keys, presented by Michael Sprague, Cloud DevOps Engineer. This talk will explain what actually happens when you put AWS credentials in a public code repository and what you can do to minimize the blast radius. Along with a talk on Patterns in Audit Findings, presented by Timur Uckun.

Track Two will include a presentation by Dan Villanti, Sr. Security Engineer, Go ATT&CK Yourself, where you will learn how networks can be compromised featuring a live demonstration from an attacker's perspective. Discover the MITRE ATT&CK framework and its value in understanding the techniques used by attackers, which can help inform countermeasures used to prevent and detect a breach. Additionally, Tim Bradish, Assistant Director of Security Operation and Incident Response will present on the Lifecycle of a Security Incident. This talk will explore the lifecycle of a security incident at Cornell University. Whether you’re a technical support provider, in management, or just curious, discover how the IT Security Office responds to, collaborates on, classifies, analyzes, and reports on varying levels of security incidents across campus. 

Learn more about the event at the IT@Cornell Symposium on Cybersecurity website.

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