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IT@Cornell is rolling

Two cars and eight vans in the CIT fleet of vehicles are used to support Cornell’s technology infrastructure and customers. You can identify them with the IT@Cornell logo. As they roll through campus, the community knows IT staff are on the job.

The compact red cars are used by the CIT Desktop Services group to carry equipment and staff to the many and far-flung offices and customers who need service every day. One of the two cars is reserved for use by Executive Technology Support which supports Cornell executives and their representatives, including the President’s Office. Because CIT supports Cornell outposts in Albany and Washington, D.C., the cars also are used to transport people and equipment back and forth from those locations.

Vans transport all the equipment and cables used to maintain the network infrastructure at Cornell. See a van with IT@Cornell emblazoned on it? You know an IT technician is hard at work maintaining key equipment and campus services, installing or modifying jacks, or investigating and repairing a communication or network problem.

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