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IT@Cornell Representatives Gather for Reimagining IT Virtual Conference--Debra Howell Recognized

On June 20, nearly forty representatives from IT across Cornell, many of whom are graduates of the Cornell IT Leaders Program and IT Emerging Leaders Programs, came together for the “2017 MOR Leaders Conference – Reimagining IT: The Journey Continues.” Along with an afternoon of stimulating and challenging conversation, attendees also joined in an appreciation for Debra Howell’s steadfast efforts to move IT leadership growth forward at Cornell. 

The virtual conference allowed participants at multiple institutions to gather locally for a blended learning format of broadcasts, group activities, and live reports from several university sites. Reports from the different schools showed the similarity and significance of the challenges faced by all--financial, staffing, efficiency, leadership buy-in, pace of change, and, vitally, aligning services with faculty and student needs.

Also at the conference, Debra Howell, Director of IT for IPP and a constant advocate for growth, development, and recognition for the members of the university’s IT community, won the “Lead from Where You Are” award. The award recognized only a very few special individuals who have made significant contributions at their universities. In MOR’s words, they are “igniting the community to action, and are clearly dedicated to improving themselves and their organization.” Underscoring the appropriateness of the award, Cornell conference attendees showed their personal appreciation with a standing ovation.

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