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IT@Cornell community participates in "hackathon"

On April 5, 2016, fifteen members from the IT@Cornell community participated in a day-long "hackathon" to build automated solutions for various Amazon Web Service (AWS) tasks. By focusing on AWS, participants help to facilitate campus’ transition to the cloud while encouraging modern DevOps practices.

The hackathon was organized by members of the AWS Technical Pilot and the CIT Cloudification Team. Hackathons have become widely popular in the industry as a way to solve specific problems in a short amount of time by promoting innovation, team building, engagement and collaboration. For more information on campus AWS efforts and how to get involved, see the cloud service matrix or the Cloudification team page.

The goals for the hackathon included:

  • Foster community and build relationships.
  • To learn, teach, and deepen existing knowledge.
  • To create something new.
  • To meet like-minded people.
  • To build, because building is fun and rewarding.
  • To collaboratively push the university goals forward.

The outcomes of the "hackathon" included:

  • Five teams of three formed and hacked all day.
  • Each team presented a solution to the audience during a one hour wrap up.
  • Each team contributed their code back to the community, which is available on their github site.
  • Solutions were written in Ruby, JavaScript (NodeJs) or Python.

Members of the team included: Joel J. Bender; Jason Dale Woodward; Derek Palmer; Craig Riecke; Donivan Patwell; Paul Edward Allen; Vivek N Iyer; Timothy Cornwell; Steve K. Halasz; Marty J. Sullivan; Daniel Sheehan; Scott Ross; Eric Grysko; Shawn R. Bower; and Brett Haranin.

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