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IT Staff Invited to Try Two-Step Login for Office 365

Some IT staff have asked if they can start trying out Two-Step Login for Office 365 for themselves, so the current Early Adopter phase is being opened to any IT@Cornell staff member who would like to participate at this time. 

Please supply NetIDs, either singly or as a list, to, and you'll be added to the group that can see and change settings for the functionality. Once you're added, you'll be notified by closure of the ticket associated with the request. After that happens, you can review the instructions for setting up and using Two-Step Login for Office 365.

Note: Until you are added to the group, as indicated by closure of your ticket, you won't be able to follow these instructions.
How to Opt In to use Two-Step Login for Office 365.

Since this is an Early Adopter phase, some characteristics of the feature may change as feedback and suggestions are provided and implemented.
More information about Two-Step Login for Office 365.

If you have any comments or questions about the feature or the process, contact

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