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IT Service Desk onboards College of Human Ecology

The IT Service Desk (ITSD) onboarded the College of Human Ecology (CHE) on July 19, 2016, making them the sixth college or unit to onboard to CIT’s central IT service desk. The other units to onboard: CIT-DFA, the Vet School, Law School, IPP-HR, and Student Services IT.

The move is part of CIT’s Services Streamlining Initiative (SSI), which is an effort led by the CIO’s office in support of Cornell’s Administrative Streamlining Initiative. The goal is to reduce the widespread duplication of information technology services that exists between CIT and units.

The ITSD now provides frontline IT services to CHE by answering the phone and logging support requests. If an immediate solution is possible, they work directly with the college. Requests that require in-person or urgent on-site support are transferred to their local IT Service Group.

The ITSD is also offering expanded technology support hours via phone and chat support, from 8:00am–6:00pm Monday-Friday. Walk-in hours are 8:00am-5:00pm in the Cornell Store and on the Ag quad in the CCC Building.

For colleges that have onboarded to the ITSD, such as Human Ecology, the ITSD is now a single point of contact for all their central and local IT support requests. Users may also request support by phone or the use the IT Service Desk chat line.

The primary support input channel for Human Ecology remains the college’s online support website: hppts://

Tickets are routed from this system to the ITSD.

IT Service Desk:

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