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Issue with Acrobat Pro Login Prompts

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CIT has received many reports that Adobe Acrobat Pro DC has started prompting for a sign-in at launch, when it has never done so before.
The cause is almost always because the software license has expired. Under Cornell's previous contact with Adobe (2014-2017), serial numbers were used to license Acrobat Pro DC. Those licenses expired in 2017, but Adobe provided a 12-month grace period, which took Cornell to October 2018.
To fix this issue, Cornell faculty and staff who must have Acrobat Pro to do their university work need to apply for a new license under Cornell's current Adobe contract.
Please note that many common tasks involving PDFs can be done with Microsoft Word, Acrobat Reader, or Apple Preview. Please review this comparison to decide if you require Acrobat Pro.
If you require Acrobat Pro to do your job:
Ask your department’s IT support team or your management team to submit a request for an Individual (Named-User) license for the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Plan. Please understand that the university's contract has a very limited number of licenses, so you are only eligible if you can demonstrate that your university work requires Acrobat Pro.
Looking for Acrobat Pro for a classroom or lab environment? Please email the CU Software Licensing Team.

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