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Important Academic Applications to Gain Two-Step Login Protection Starting January 25

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Beginning Monday, January 25. 2021, users of key academic applications will need to use Two-Step Login to authenticate when logging in. The services that this change will affect include Zoom, Canvas, Gradescope, Panopto, LabArchives, Digication, Poll Everywhere, and Video on Demand (Kaltura).

Cornell users will already be familiar with using Two-Step Login to authenticate when signing in to common Cornell services such as Workday, Faculty Center, and Student Center.

This change provides faculty, students, and academic staff with additional protection from malicious access, theft, or potential loss of important data. This security is especially important for applications that handle FERPA-protected information. FERPA is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, which requires that student education records be kept private.

Two-Step Login will not increase the number of times users need to log in to these applications. It simply adds a second authentication step. Users enroll one or more authentication devices when signing up for Two-Step Login.

To avoid being prompted by Two-Step Login multiple times a day, select the checkbox next to Remember me for 24 hours during login. Two-Step Login won't prompt you again for most campus services for the next 24 hours. For details on this option, visit Remember Me for 24 Hours in Two-Step Login.

Users with questions about this change or how to use Two-Step Login should contact the IT Service Desk.

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