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G Suite for Faculty and Staff in Support of Collaboration

In order to support collaboration with Cornell students and colleagues at other institutions, faculty and staff can opt to have a Cornell account for Google's G Suite beginning June 4, 2018.

Please note that Microsoft Office 365 remains the official email calendaring system for faculty and staff. To avoid scheduling conflicts, all room and equipment reservations must be made using Outlook's Calendar.

Starting June 4, faculty and staff can choose to activate G Suite in Who I Am, do a NetID password reset, then enter their and password into a Google sign-in page to gain access to G Suite apps like Drive, Docs, and Sheets. (Originally, availability was announced for June 1, but a full sync of Cornell's Active Directory will need to occur before the feature is ready. )

Faculty and staff who have been using personal Google accounts for Cornell work in order to collaborate with colleagues who use G Suite should move their work into their Cornell G Suite account, where it will be covered by Cornell's contract with Google.

Likewise, anyone who has been forwarding Cornell email to a personal Gmail account should switch to conducting university business using their Cornell G Suite account. 

More information about Cornell G Suite for Faculty and Staff.

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