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First release of new Box user experience

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Box recently launched an updated user experience, making it even easier to work in Box. The new interface includes: 

  • New clean look that loads 30% faster
  • Details moved to new right side bar
  • Frequent actions put across the top
  • New left side bar for navigation
  • New Favorites and Synced to Desktop collections to focus on what's important
  • Favorites may be chosen as default home page from settings
  • New powerful search bar: search by type, date modified, owner
  • Sort display by clicking on column headers
  • In Tile view, a folder of photos turns into a gallery 
  • Copy (ctrl-C) and Paste (ctrl-V) now supported

If you would like to try the new experience on your Box account go to To switch back, click the ? icon in the top bar, then look for the small print at the bottom of the pop up that says “Need to switch back to the old Box Experience? Click here.” If you would like a side by side comparison you can still view the current Box experience on a different browser than the one you accessed the new interface with.    

The new interface does not yet have two features of the previous one: tags and upload widgets. Both of these will be added in revisions later this fall. If you need either of these features, you should hold off on upgrading until those are announced.

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