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Every Year ~2,000 Cornell NetID/Password Pairs Are Compromised

Did you know that password compromises are one of the greatest risks to Cornell data?

NetID/password pairs can be stolen when someone unintentionally does either of the following:

  • Downloads a keylogger virus that remembers everything they type (keyloggers can also steal passwords to bank accounts, shopping sites, investment funds, and more)
  • Enters their password into a non-Cornell site that has been spoofed to look legitimate—this happens MORE OFTEN than you think!

With your NetID/password pair in hand, criminals can steal data undetected until you:

  1. Realize something's wrong
  2. Change your password, and
  3. Report the compromise to

We can lower Cornell's data-loss risk significantly, if everyone in our community participates. Please, share this new 7 minute video with your friends, colleagues, and people you support. 

Anyone who doesn't know how to do BOTH of these things:

  1. Read URLs, and 
  2. Identify EV certs at and CUWebLogin

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