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Enhancements Coming to Net-Print in January

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Cornell Information Technologies (CIT) will be adding PaperCut MF software to the Net-Print campus-wide printing system on the morning of Tuesday, January 10, 2017. 

The addition of PaperCut software, which is in wide use in schools and universities around the world, allows us to offer new features and ensures our ability to continue to offer a robust and flexible printing system. 

Today, Net-Print is in use on 180 printers in 50 buildings in Ithaca, New York City, Washington DC, and Rome, Italy. It provides a method for printer owners to recoup the costs of toner, paper, and printers using Bursar billing, university accounts, and credit-card transactions.

New features available beginning January 10 include the recommended ability to add ID card readers to printers, which reduces paper waste from abandoned print jobs and improves document security since the job only begins to print once the user has released it to the printer. In January, all printers in the libraries, the CIT computer labs, OADI, and the ILR labs will begin using ID card readers. This comprises about half of Net-Print printers.  

All users of Net-Print who would like to print from their own laptops or computers will need to install new Net-Print software and queues on or after January 10. Users who have successfully printed in the past will not be able to print again until they have reconfigured Net-Print by installing new software and printer queues. In addition, there will be a new user web page for managing accounts and viewing printing history.

Features which will no longer be available include watermarks (the small black NetID marker in the top left corner of about 80 percent of print jobs) and the free cover sheet called a banner page (used by the remaining 20 percent). There will be no visible user identification on print-outs.

Since June, the College of Architecture, Art and Planning (AAP) has been using the new enhanced Net-Print system on black-and-white and color printers, as well as high-volume plotters, and the Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives has been using the enhanced Net-Print system in their computer lab. CIT has worked closely with the IT service group in AAP. Their complex printing needs have been a great test scenario for what can be done on the backend of the software. Andre Hafner, IT director for the college, has written scripts to avoid erroneous printing, has tested different release methods for the printers, and has been willing to show how the system works to anyone who is interested.

On the morning of January 10, CIT will transfer all existing monies in user accounts to the new, enhanced Net-Print system. Bursar, course, department, and cash balances will transfer without interruption.

Documentation for the new software and process will be published on on January 10. 

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