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Earn the 'Badge Creator' Badge

The badges in the Innovation Track are setup to reward innovative thinking and action in the workplace. One of these badges is the “Badge Creator” badge.

Badge Creator:

  • To earn a "Badge Creator" Badge you must submit a new badge idea to the professional badging committee for approval. If the idea is approved and adopted by the committee, a badge will be issued to the idea originator.
  • You must submit a written statement about your idea, include name of badge and criteria needed to fulfill badge requirements.

We just awarded our first "Badge Creator" badge for the new 100 Days Training to Shawn Bower.

The IT@Cornell Professional Badging service is for all IT employees who want a modernized way to highlight their achievements, experiences, professional development, and engagement.

A badge is a visual/digital representation of an accomplishment, achievement, or skill acquisition—more granular than a formal degree, but helps to make incremental learning more visible.

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