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Discounted Pricing on Azure Cloud Services Available

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Azure cloud services may be more affordable than you think!

Under Cornell's Enterprise Agreement for cloud services, subscriptions for Azure qualify for a 10% discount on each service off the regular public price. This means that if you're evaluating costs for your cloud services budget using Microsoft’s Pricing Calculator, you can take 10% off the estimate that the calculator provides.

Microsoft’s calculator is easy to use—click resources to add them to the estimate tally, configure them as appropriate in the "Your Estimate" section, and when you see Microsoft's total, take 10% off the estimated cost of the services!

Savings tips for using the pricing calculator:

  • Choosing a one- or three-year commitment will give you a noticeable savings over the "pay as you go" default option.
  • Additional savings plans are available for some services, and they usually also require a one- or three-year commitment as well. Look for these in the "Savings Options" for each selected service.
  • As part of the Software Assurance program, Cornell’s licensing includes the Azure Hybrid Use Benefit. This allows use of on-premises licenses to run Windows Server and SQL Server workloads at a reduced cost. For more about this benefit, see Azure Hybrid Use Benefit for more details.

If you have questions about Azure services or savings available under Cornell’s Enterprise Agreement, contact the Cloud Services team at

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