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Delve information surfacing coming to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business

Office Delve, a feature Microsoft has designed to connect Office 365 users with topical information stored in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, will become available in Cornell's Office 365 on August 1, 2016.

Delve will highlight documents that are accessed frequently, or have been shared by people you work with regularly. As is always the case in SharePoint and OneDrive, individuals are only shown content they have permission to see.

As Microsoft has integrated Delve more deeply into Office 365 services, Cornell Office 365 users have been more likely to see messages saying that a feature is not available, or encounter a Delve-driven part of the system that is inactive. Turning on Delve will eliminate this distraction and allow services to operate as designed.

Delve only shows people documents they already have access to and could find by conducting a search. Even so, it's possible that documents relying on "security by obscurity," tucked away in hard-to-browse-to places in SharePoint or OneDrive, but with no access restrictions, could become more prominent. Setting proper permissions has always been important in SharePoint, and everything in OneDrive is private by default. As Microsoft emphasizes, "Delve never changes any permissions. Only you can see your private documents."

For more information, see Microsoft's "What is Office Delve?"

and "Are my documents safe in Office Delve?"

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