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Custom Development Rates Change as of July 1, 2023

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Effective July 1, 2023, the rates for all Custom Development services will be streamlined down to two hourly rates:  

  • The project/support/maintenance rate will be one rate of $93/hr.
  • Content entry will continue to be charged at $57/hr.
  • Custom Development will no longer offer the custom code troubleshooting rate due to a lack of demand for this service. 

What Does This Rate Change Mean 

  • Project work: 

    • All work performed by a Custom Development team member whether it's for a project task under design or development, UX, a discovery project, or accessibility project, will all be charged at the same rate; $93/hr. 
    • Concept design work, discovery, and UX work will now be charged at the lower rate; $93/hr.
    • All new projects estimated after July 1, 2023, will be at the new FY24 rate.
    • Projects already in motion that span fiscal years will adjust accordingly depending on what services still need to be completed at the start of FY24.  
    • If your project was estimated in FY23 but does not start until after July 1, all billable time will adjust to the $93/hr rate for all services within the project, minus any content entry we may have estimated for. 
  • Support work: 

    • Support and maintenance tasks will increase by $9, from $84/hr to $93/hr. 
    • Support customers will be charged the new rate for work related to tickets, as well as Drupal, WordPress, and Laravel updates and maintenance effective July 1, 2023. 

Custom Development will continue to bill customers' work to the Cornell account number already on file. Please contact Custom Development before June 30, 2023, if this account needs to be updated for FY24.

Custom Development Rate Comparison

Service FY23 (current rates)  FY24 (new rates)
Discovery, User Experience (UX), Concept Design  $104 $93
Design & Development work, Web Accessibility (WA) Assessments  $93 $93
Support and Maintenance  $84 $93
Website Content Entry $57 $57

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