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CU Print Launch and Sustainability Commitment

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CU Print is the new campus printing service that offers students a fully streamlined experience across printers, fees, and functionality. If they haven't already, students can install CU Print and start using their $15 annual print allocation immediately. CU Print printers are available in high-use campus areas, including CU Library locations, residence halls, and Community Centers.

The CU Print service represents a renewed commitment to sustainable printing at Cornell. Cornell Information Technologies has partnered with Toshiba, Inc. and the PrintReleaf program to promote innovative sustainability practices. CU Print uses Toshiba’s PrintReleaf Exchange technology to measure monthly campus paper consumption. To help offset the CU Print carbon footprint, an equitable number of trees are planted through a global network of PrintReleaf-certified reforestation projects.

Since joining PrintReleaf Exchange in February 2021, Cornell has planted 460 trees, or the equivalent of 3,829,498 printed pages. Cornell's reforestation impact is part of the PrintReleaf pledge to plant 10 million trees by 2030. The program has advanced environmental stewardship worldwide by planting nearly 4.5 million trees to date, with hundreds of industry-leading partner organizations.

Another important feature of CU Print’s sustainability package is the ability to scan documents directly to your Cornell email address. CU Print multifunction printers can be used to digitally scan documents to email without the need for physical copies. Students are encouraged to support printing sustainability outcomes by monitoring their paper consumption and alternatively using the CU Print scan-to-email function.

Streamlining sustainability solutions and convenience, CU Print is an exciting addition to the services promoting student success at Cornell. For questions about CU Print, contact the IT Service Desk.

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