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Creating a Culture of Cyber Security at Work - 10/5 NCSAM Weekly Resources

During the week of October 5-9, we'll highlight common threats businesses and employees are exposed to. Share these resources to help people in your college or unit stay safer online. Encourage your friends and colleagues to join the effort to make Cornell a cyber security champion!

This October, spend 10 minutes a week learning about cyber security.

  • Did you know Cornell has a Two-Step Login service? Want resources to help people understand the value? Check out the official NCSAM Two Steps Ahead campaign materials, including a video about why two-step logins matter.
  • Confidential data can be lurking on your computer, and, if stolen, can result in fines, time loss, and a reduced university reputation. Learn good habits for protecting data in Cornell's own Data Hygiene Best Practices video.
  • Every year, around 2,000 Cornell NetID passwords are stolen.
  • Check out the 10 Biggest Breaches of 2015 (so far).

Don't forget to use the #CyberAware hashtag in your posts! Follow on Facebook and Twitter for more resources.

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