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Cornell WebEx Will No Longer Show Public Meeting List as of 3/13

Effective March 13, 2016 at noon, the security settings on the Cornell WebEx site will be changed so that there is no longer a public list of scheduled meetings.

IT@Cornell has taken steps to improve meeting security in the wake of incidents where uninvited individuals were able to gain access to meetings including requiring stricter password requirements.

Cornell has until now maintained a public list of meetings, with meeting schedulers always having the option of having their meetings unlisted. The assessment of the vendor was that this list was allowing a point of reference and resource that uninvited individuals could use to subsequently obtain passwords or credentials required to access a meeting. To further improve security, we are removing the public list of meetings from the Cornell WebEx site. Once this change is made, all meetings will be unlisted. 

Listings for Events and Training sessions will remain unchanged as the Events and Training sessions have inherently tighter controls on attendee capabilities and have not been subject to the same degree of uninvited access as regular meeting sessions. 

This change will not impact a scheduler’s ability to invite attendees via email, schedule meetings in Outlook calendar, or have attendees find a meeting on the Cornell WebEx site using a meeting number.  It will just remove the public listing of meetings.

If you have any concerns that this change will have a significant effect on your ability to use WebEx please contact the IT Service Desk at and ask for your case to be escalated to a WebEx service manager.

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