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Cornell Video on Demand to Offer Responsive Video Embed Codes

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Starting Monday, July 22, 2019, users of Cornell’s Video on Demand (VoD) service will have the ability to share their media in other webpages using responsive embed codes.

Using a responsive embed code greatly improves the appearance and usability of the embedded media when viewed on devices of varying sizes, by resizing the media automatically to accommodate the size of the viewer’s browser window.

Users of the VoD service already enjoy the ability to embed VoD content directly into other webpages, such as blog entries or local Confluence pages. This involves copying and pasting a block of embed code from the VoD application into the HTML of a webpage or blog entry.

To include responsive embedded video in their webpages, VoD users can easily activate the Responsive Sizing option in the VoD media’s Share tab when generating an embed code.

For details about sharing your VoD media, visit Share Your Media. If you have questions or issues using VoD or the new responsive embed code option, contact

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