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Cornell Two-Step Login Available for Cornell Office 365 April 29, 2018

Starting April 29, 2018, it will be possible to add the extra security of Cornell Two-Step Login to a Cornell Office 365 account. Two-Step Login for Office 365 provides email, calendar, and all other Office 365 services the same protection as Workday and other Cornell resources that require a second step of logging in.

Two-Step Login for Office 365 is completely optional and works independently of other Two-Step Login uses, so anyone who activates it can turn it off again if they want.

Once Two-Step Login for Office 365 is turned on, it will apply to Office 365 apps on all devices: computer, phone, or tablet, as well as Outlook on the Web and Office Online.

Adding Two-Step Login doesn’t change how often it's necessary to sign in to Office 365. Just complete the second step of logging in whenever the regular sign-in window appears. Aside from Outlook on the Web, this happens only rarely.

Two-Step Login for Office 365 works only with: 

  • Outlook and other Microsoft Office apps for computers, phones, and tablets
  • Apple Mail and Calendar for iPhone and iPad running iOS 11 (some setup may be required)
  • Outlook on the Web (

Individuals who use any other apps for email, calendar, or Office 365 services, such as Apple Mail and Calendar for Mac or iOS 10 or earlier, should not turn on Two-Step Login for Office 365. Once the feature is active, only what’s listed above will work. 
See instructions and more details about Two-Step Login for Cornell Office 365.

Starting April 29, individuals who use only Outlook email apps to get their mail (Outlook for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Outlook on the Web) may proceed directly to turning on the feature on.
Others should review the instructions linked higher above, to reduce the risk of interrupting the ability to receive email due to app incompatibility.

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