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Cornell TeamDynamix New Features and Changes August 6, 2022

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TeamDynamix will be upgraded Saturday, August 6, 2022. New features and changes include:

  • Received emails’ formatting will show in the TeamDynamix feed and ticket descriptions.
  • Formatting will be available when posting an update or feed comment.
  • The lookup box at the top of TDNext will support search for tickets, projects, issues, risks, tasks, assets, CIs, and client portal content.
  • You’ll be able to filter the feed throughout the system by type for edits, status changes, or comments, and search within the filtered feed.
  • Article editors will be able to choose related services and assign ones that can be requested directly from the article.
  • The related article relationship on services and service offerings will now also represent the related services and offerings for an article. When a service/offering is related, users will be able to request it directly from the article.

Articles will display a list of related services and service offerings in the sidebar, which users will see automatically. No services or service offerings will be directly requestable from the article until an article editor marks it as requestable.

The update will fix an issue where sidebars on pages throughout the system use heading level three, which can result in confusing heading structures for assistive technology users. This change may be disruptive for individuals who have gotten used to the existing behavior in their assistive technologies.

For more information, see TeamDynamix Version 11.5 Release at Cornell.

Full release notes are available from TeamDynamix. (TeamDynamix Solutions site registration required.)

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