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Cornell Office 365: Mail Classified as Spam Won’t Be Forwarded

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To fix an issue where forwarding of spam from Office 365 to outside email services has triggered blocks on some Cornell email accounts, a change is being made to the handling of mail that Microsoft has classified as spam. This change applies only to individuals who have set their Office 365 mail account to forward to an outside email service. (Because of the way forwarding from Office 365 works, Cmail counts as an outside service.) 

Beginning Friday, December 15, 2017, email that Microsoft has classified as spam will not be forwarded. If individuals who have set forwarding would like to review these messages, they can go to Outlook on the web and on the left side of the page, click More, then Junk E-Mail. (It may not be necessary to click More first to see the Junk E-Mail link.) We apologize for the short notice, the change is being put in place as quickly as possible to fix the problem. 

Aside from the messages classified as spam staying in the Junk folder in Office 365, rather than being delivered to the forwarding destination (where they would likely be placed in the junk folder for that service), users’ experience should remain the same.

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