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Cornell Improving LastPass Security on May 29

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On May 29 the IT Security Office will update Cornell’s LastPass account to strengthen the encryption between your password and your LastPass vault. This change will make it exponentially more difficult for a hacker to crack your master password and thereby access the passwords you have stored in LastPass.

If you have a personal LastPass account, here are steps you can take to similarly improve the security for your personal LastPass account.

Those interested in the technical details of the PBKDF2 iteration count updates should read LastPass’ Iteration Counts for master passwords.

Strengthen your master password the easy way! Connect three or more unique words then throw in a dash of complexity (numbers and symbols).

A password like Schoellkopf-Jonagold&JerryGarcia23 will take a computer about 10 quattuordecillion years to crack and will be easier to remember than $3oz%G*Sie (which will take about 5 years to crack)!

(Don’t use Schoellkopf-Jonagold&JerryGarcia23.)

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