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Cornell Dropbox: Improved File Capacity and Service Name Change Coming Soon

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Cornell users who depend on Cornell Dropbox to share files securely with their colleagues can expect to see improvements to the service. Beginning Friday, August 23, 2019, the maximum size of files users can upload and transfer will be increased to 5 GB, up from the previous limit of 2 GB.

At the same time, Cornell Dropbox will be renamed “Cornell Secure File Transfer.” The name change is being made to reduce confusion with the popular non-Cornell commercial service that is also called Dropbox. In coordination with the service name change, the web address for the Cornell Secure File Transfer application will become

However, the way the service works will not change, beyond the increase in allowed file size and a few cosmetic updates to system icons. Cornell Secure File Transfer will continue to provide students, faculty, and staff with a reliable and secure means to transfer files that contain confidential data. It lets anyone with a Cornell NetID, or anyone who has been whitelisted by a user with a NetID, send and receive such files.

Remember, using email to transfer files containing confidential data is not secure and is a violation of university data security policy.

After the upgrade, CIT recommends that users update browser bookmarks, shortcut icons, or other links to reflect the new address: "". But rest assured that, for a transition period of at least a year, the previous link will continue to redirect you to the updated service.

For details about the service, visit the IT@Cornell web page for Cornell Secure File Transfer.

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