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Cornell Box to Accept Only Cornell Login by End of May

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Box has announced that near the end of May, changes will be made to the system used to sign in to Cornell Box. These changes will only affect people who sign into a Cornell Box account using a name and password stored with Box, rather than using their Cornell NetID and password through CUWebLogin. The vast majority of people, those who sign in with CUWebLogin, will not be affected.

Anyone who uses an account in Cornell Box, but is not signing in through CUWebLogin, should begin doing so by going to and clicking Continue. When the change occurs for Box authentication, this will become the only way to access a Cornell Box account.

Some Box apps, like FTP, WebDAV, and GoodReader, require a Box sign-in, and this will continue to work.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk:

Thank you,
Cornell Box Team

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