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Cornell Blogs Go Secure February 15, 2021: Check Resource Links

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In the early morning of Monday, February 15, 2021, CIT and CampusPress will convert all websites in the Cornell University Blog Service to secure communication, reflected by the sites' URLs changing from http:// to https://. This change helps secure data transfer, ensure the trustworthiness of websites (a search engine ranking factor), and provide more accurate referral data. 

The change will not affect most site behavior. However, if a webpage has image links, or other elements loaded and displayed or executed by the browser like CSS, icons, or JavaScript, that were coded to point to the image's http:// address, the browser may give a warning that the page isn't totally secure, or not include the element. Chrome 81 and later will try to load images by replacing the http:// part of their address with https://. If the image can't be loaded that way, it won't be displayed. 

Images that were added using the built-in upload and library tools should already have the proper address. This issue only affects links that were inserted into code manually with http:// included.

CIT recommends that admins of websites that use Cornell Blogs examine their code for links to http:// addresses and update to https://. Any sites that, on February 15, begin triggering browser error messages that content is not secure should also be investigated.

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