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Cority Update: Working Toward Stage 2's Second Workshop

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Since the last update about the multiyear project to implement Cority services (Cority Stage 2 Workshop 1 Goals and Efforts), a number of activities have been underway. Cornell staff participates in weekly meetings with our Cority Solutions Consultants. Representing Cornell are Functional Leads and their backups, as well as high-level Subject Matter Experts for each area--Safety, Environmental Compliance, and Research Safety. 

The meetings and related actions are enabling participants to continue to work through and complete action items, record new decisions, and apply configurations documented in the Decision Tracking Log to the Cority Demo environment. Once the configurations are there, it's possible to start to selectively preview them. The overall goal is to eventually assemble the configurations into a cohesive set of Workshop 2 use cases. This will make it possible to walk through workflows and gauge whether the system is accommodating them successfully or if refinements need to be made. Workshop 2 is scheduled for the afternoons of Sept 27 through 30, 2021.  

The Workshop 2 agenda, at a high level, will cover: 

  • High level workflow review 
  • Legal requirements 
  • Permits 
  • Equipment (storage tanks only) 
  • Audit workflow 
  • Inspection workflow 
  • Questionnaires 
  • Reports 
  • Email notification settings 

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