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Cority Stage 2 Workshop 1 Goals and Efforts

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The first workshop session for Stage 2 of the project to implement Cority was held at the end of June 2021. The workshop sought to reconcile Cornell requirements and the Cority system so configuration decisions could inform the first phase prototype development. 

Audits & Inspections goals include increased program efficiency, inspection tracking, information sharing to and from other modules, email distribution, access by non-EHS field personnel, improved tracking and reporting for compliance, and savings from migrating from legacy systems.  

Permits efforts seek to implement a consistent system for all EHS-tracked permits, which contains automated features and allows connections between audits/inspections and assets. Goals also include the ability to auto-generate reminders, create, monitor, and report on task lists related to permits, link permits to regulations, audits and inspections, and assets, assign permits to locations, add compliance actions to permits, and complete high-level oversight with status indicators and dashboards.  

Discussion points included: 

  • Inspections and audits  

  • Safety-related inspections and audits  

  • Equipment  

  • General modules  

  • Research safety-related inspections and audits  

  • Compliance management  

  • Environmental-related inspections and audits  

  • Security  

  • Next steps 

Decisions, requirements and action items arising from Workshop 1 (WS1) have been captured in a Design Tracking Log and are being worked on by the EHS Functional Team and the Cority consultants.  Configurations will be applied to the Safety Suite in the Demo environment and will be refined in Workshop 2, which is targeted for the end of September.  In situations where it’s consistently been used as intended, the log has been providing higher quality documentation, and greater clarity and transparency around the process for shaping, refining, and confirming the Stage 2 Safety Suite configurations.  

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