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Cority Stage 2 Goes Live February 25, 2022

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The Audits & Inspections and Compliance Management modules of Cority's Safety Suite will go live for Cornell on February 25, 2022. The event is a major milestone for the multiyear project to bring the Cority Environmental Health, Safety and Quality (EHSQ) software service to the university. It marks the completion of the second of three stages for the effort. 

The Audits & Inspections module will be made available to all of EHS, and Compliance Management will have permit management, regulations, and compliance calendar. Stage 2 has also included legacy conversions of incidents and payroll hours going back to 2018 to support Safety analysis. 

Go-live is occurring following the completion of User Acceptance Testing as outlined in the previous update, Stage 2 Confirm Phase Proceeding--Working Toward Go-Live. In the remaining days before Stage 2's completion, documentation will be updated, the finalized configurations will be migrated to the production Cority environment, final testing will be done, and the modules will be provisioned to users. Go-live will bring a period with an extremely high level of support for bug fixes from the vendor, called HyperCare. This support level will last for two weeks after Go-live.  

Upon completion of the implementation of Stage 2, the project will turn to its third and final stage. For Stage 3, the COHSEC project will focus on two areas:  

  • Research Safety Discovery  

  • Industrial Hygiene Re-Implementation  

The project will also document other potential, future post-project Discovery efforts. Completion of Stage 3 and the project to implement Cority is planned to occur around mid-2023. 

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