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Cority Stage 2 Confirm Phase Proceeding and Working Toward Go-Live

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Since the last update about the project to implement Cority at Cornell (Workshop 2 Complete, Moving on to Confirm), planned System Testing and Train-the-Trainer have been completed.

System Testing Outcomes

System testing successfully found several issues that have been addressed prior to User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and that will improve the upcoming UAT effort. Insights gained during the work have been incorporated into training, which will also be informed by the practice the Functional Lead Plus team had with the new modules.

Train-the-Trainer Completed

Train-the-Trainer activities were also completed as planned. In the four-day session, the Functional Lead Plus team was formally trained to use the modules that are being implemented in Stage 2. They were also provided with high-quality materials that they can use to train their peers and colleagues. Train-the-Trainer materials will be used as the foundation for new documentation, which will save EHS time over developing it from scratch.

Proceeding to User Acceptance Testing

The project is now ready to do User Acceptance Testing. There are two major changes since Stage 1 UAT that should make for a better experience this time.

First, in Stage 1, the project team conducted the standard quality assurance work, which is used on all enterprise resource planning implementations, remotely for the first time. The lessons learned then and since mean that there is now a shared understanding among everyone involved of how to remotely conduct quality assurance.

Second, work from all phases of the project is now being tracked in Cority’s onboard Design Tracking Log feature. This tool has significantly improved the effectiveness, efficiency, and experience for tracking since its implementation, and forms a comprehensive, end-to-end repository of requirements, decisions, action items, and other essential information.

Working Toward Go-Live

Looking ahead, February 25, 2022, is Stage 2’s target go-live date. We expect that by this time, the project will have resolved any User Acceptance Testing issues and concluded the signoff to go ahead. The plan is to:

  • Update documentation for Cority in the IT@Cornell website 
  • Migrate the finalized configurations to the production Cority environment 
  • Do final testing 
  • Provision the Stage 2 modules to users during a period with an extremely high level of support 

At the same time, preparation for Stage 3 will be wrapping up. 

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