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Cority Is Live!

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The Cority enterprise Environmental Health, Safety and Quality (EHSQ) software service is now live at Cornell!

It's providing the following features:

  • Occupational Medicine suite helps managing Occupational Medicine appointments, scheduling, and clinical visits
  • Safety Suite supports reporting and managing incidents
  • Business Intelligence provides dashboards, reports, and queries
  • The Cority User Community shares ideas and support insights
  • The MyCority portal allows authorized EHSQ users to schedule appointments, report incidents, and more

Until mid-June, the project team will be working on service stabilization-–any bugs detected will be fixed, any issues that come up will be addressed, and the backlog of new requests will be built.

The launch was made possible by years of coordinated effort between EHS, Occupational Medicine, and CIT staff. Two more stages are planned to roll out more Cority suites to the university over the next two years.

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