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Cority Implementation Update May 2021

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After significant evaluation and revision, the COHSEC project team and stakeholders are nearing the launch of Stage 2 for bringing the Cority Environmental Health, Safety and Quality (EHSQ) software service to Cornell. The Statement of Work has been signed by Cority, which describes the fixed-scope contract to build upon the Stage 1 EHSQ service. 

Stage 2 will bring Audits & Inspections, Compliance Management, and Legacy Conversions to 2018 to support Safety analysis into the service. The Audits & Inspections module will include environmental compliance and safety, and Compliance Management will have permit management, regulations, and compliance calendar. The conversions will bring in incidents and payroll hours. 

Several components have been declared out of scope for Stage 2 for a variety of reasons, including Waste Management, Maximo integrations, Petroleum Bulk Storage, Stormwater Inspection Systems (SWIS), and extending the organization tree to rooms.  

The next major events on the calendar are the launch call, orientation and pretraining, and workshop 1, all tentatively planned for the month of June. These activities will carry the project through the Getting Ready and Initiate phases and to the Shape phase.  

Earlier in Stage 2 planning, there had been consideration of a Program Coordinator role. Ultimately, it was decided to not create a dedicated role, and instead to distribute the tasks associated with it to existing Cornell  functional and system administrators.  

The team tasked with implementing Cority at Cornell thanks all involved for their thought, insights, and effort toward bringing Cority services to the university. More updates will be provided as Stage 2 progresses. 

For more information, see the Cority service website.

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