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Confluence Migration: Inactive Spaces to Be Archived and Removed June 15, 2020

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The Confluence migration team would like to follow up on our previous update to let you know it is proceeding to the next step in moving the Confluence service to an externally hosted environment.

Current Project Status

Two stages have been successfully completed:

  • Confluence spaces were identified as either active (“_to_be_migrated”) or inactive (“_to_be_archived”) and flagged appropriately.
  • Spaces flagged as inactive (“_to_be_archived”) have been archived to Box.

What You Need to Do

The next step in the project will be for the team to delete from Confluence all spaces flagged as inactive, in preparation for the actual migration to the new environment.

If you are a Confluence space administrator whose space has been flagged as “_to_be_archived”, you have until June 15, 2020, either to:

  • Export and archive spaces flagged as inactive, including all content, then delete the space from Confluence. For instructions how to do this, visit the documentation for Export a Space and Delete A Space.
  • Fill out the Confluence Space Request form to let the team know if the flagged content is still active or if staff plan use it again in the future.

After June 15, 2020, any spaces still flagged as "_to_be_archived" will be deleted from Confluence. Spaces flagged as “_to_be_migrated” will be moved to the new Confluence system. A list of categorized spaces is also available on the Confluence Upgrade project site.

Questions or Concerns

The team will continue to provide updates as the project continues. If you have questions or concerns about the process, contact the Project Team at

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