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Confluence and Jira New Deployment

CIT's Jira and Confluence products are both in need of a significant redesign and update. Jira is offered mainly to CIT and a subset of campus staff, and is used for software project management; while Confluence is offered to a broad user base across campus and used globally for collaboration as a Wiki. 

CIT will move both Confluence and Jira to an Atlassian certified Vendor Managed and Hosted environment, which will bring us to the latest version and involve an effort to redesign and fully on board these services.  

In preparation for the project we have begun a clean-up effort in Jira to remove or disable users, projects, issues, and schemes that are no longer active. We have already been in touch with Jira administrators and will continue to update you on the progress of the clean-up effort.    

For more information on the project visit our Confluence and Jira New Deployment site.  

If you would like to receive communications on the Confluence deployment sign up for our Confluence Deployment e-list by sending an email with the word 'join' in the subject field and leave the body of the email blank to

An e-list has been formed for all Jira users, so you will receive communications automatically if you are a current Jira user. 

If you have any additional questions you can contact

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