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Coming Soon: Two-Step Login Protection for All Administrative Staff Office 365 Accounts

Starting January 12, 2021, Two-Step Login for Office 365 will be required for all Cornell administrative staff. This is part of the university’s ongoing initiative to improve the data security for email, calendars, contacts, and other shared Office resources.

Previously, Two-Step Login for Office 365 was implemented for staff in CIT and other units under the Executive Vice President and CFO. After January 12, nearly all campus non-academic staff will be required to use Two-Factor Login for Office 365.

When Two-Step Login for Office 365 has been enabled on an account, if criminals manage to steal a NetID password, they will be unable to hijack the email account or access sensitive content stored in it.

How Will This Change Affect Users?

Most Cornell email users make the transition to Two-Step Login protection for Office 365 without any issues.

Most staff are already familiar with Two-Step Login from accessing a range of online campus resources such as Workday or PeopleSoft. Two-Step Login protection for Office 365 login is a very similar process. For general information about the coming implementation, review Before You Start Using Two-Step Login with Office 365.

Two-Step Login does not increase how often a user needs to log in to Office 365. The first time someone logs in after Two-Step has been enabled, they will authenticate with Two-Step using one of the methods chosen at sign-up – for example, a phone call, smartphone app notification, passcode, or USB device. After this, Office 365 will remember the user’s login as long as they use an Office 365 online service at least once every 30 days.

Users who have already voluntarily opted in for Two-Step Login for Office 365 should be aware that after January 12, when the service is mandated, they will no longer have the option to opt out again.

Is There Anything Special Users Need to Know?

Users who access email using any of the following methods need to take extra steps to ensure that their email access transitions smoothly.

Can Users Opt-in Proactively?


Users are encouraged to enable Two-Step Login for Office 365 in advance of the January 12, 2021, deadline by following the steps described at Opt-In to Two-Step Login for Office 365. To test the process, see Test Two-Step Login for Office 365.

Anyone who encounters issues using Two-Step Login for Office 365 should contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

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