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COHSEC Project Moving Forward

Since the last update to IT@Cornell staff in May, the COHSEC project bringing the Cority system to Cornell has continued moving forward. In August, the project, short for Cornell Occupational Health, Safety, and Environmental Compliance, held a second set of workshops. The workshops are a key component of Cority’s implementation methodology, and are intended to refine the work done in the previous "Shape" (analysis) phase.

For each area (Occupational Medicine and Safety), workshop 2 walked through each workflow in order to identify any remaining gaps or required refinements in configuration. Each group of Functional Leads has invested significant time in getting these configurations set for Cornell use.

Safety has shaped four main event report types: injury/illness/exposure, injury-free, motor vehicle accident, and environmental. They're now working on the notifications that are triggered to various stakeholders.

Occupational Medicine has shaped the clinic visit types: immunization, fitness for duty, Department of Transportation exam, injury, pre-placement, phone consultation, and surveillance. They've worked on the notifications, from appointments, to scheduling, to holding clinic visits, to reviews.

The project team is finalizing integrations with Workday and PeopleSoft for bio-demo and organizational/locational data. Once these configurations are complete, the system will be ready for the upcoming “Confirm” phase (system testing and user acceptance) expected to start in early November. For more information, visit the COHSEC Project website.

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